Maintenance Courses

CycleBoost’s Intro to Bike Maintenance courses cover all the basic skills you need to maintain your bike at home.

We run the course in two different formats: as a mid-week evening course that runs on the same day over four consecutive weeks from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm and also as a Saturday morning course that runs for two consecutive weeks from 9.30 am to 1 pm.

The courses are aimed at complete newcomers to bike maintenance and covers cleaning and lubrication, wheel removal and puncture repair, brakes, gear adjustment and chains.

All our courses are bookable online through Eventbrite. We are regularly adding new dates to our courses list so if you don’t see a date that works for you please keep checking back.

Similar maintenance courses are offered by Russell’s Bike Shed, Bike RehabEdinburgh Bicycle Cooperative and Evans Cycles - A more comprehensive maintenance course is offered by Recycle Bikes so if you want to build on the knowledge gained on our beginners course you can sign up with them and take an additional course.

4-week Course Outline

Session 1

  • Parts of a bike
  • How to clean a bike
  • How to lubricate a bike

Session 2

  • How to remove and re-install wheels
  • How to remove tyres and inner tubes
  • How to repair a puncture
  • How to inflate a tyre

Session 3

  • How to check brake cables for friction and damage
  • How to check brake pads for wear
  • How to replace brake pads
  • How to centre brakes on the bike

Session 4

  • How to repair chains
  • How to inspect rear gear cables for friction and damage
  • How to index rear gears

We have teamed up with to provide you with videos that recap the main teaching points of the course. Here they are:

Session 1: Introduction to Bikes, Cleaning & Lubricating Your Bike »
Session 2: Removing and refitting wheels and tyres, Repairing punctures »
Session 3: Adjusting brakes, Replacing brake pads »
Session 4: Fixing a broken chain, adjusting indexed rear gears »