Community Bike Workshop: the Bike Kitchen

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On Tuesdays (5pm-8pm) and Saturdays (1pm-5pm) our Heeley workshop hosts a ‘Bike Kitchen’, offering rentable workstands and tools for you to fix your own bike.

The bike kitchen provides a space for you to look after your own bike without shelling out on expensive bits of bike maintenance kit that you may only need to use a few times a year. There are experienced mechanics on hand to offer advice, guidance and support so you can complete repairs yourself.

You rent a workstand and set of ‘common’ tools by the hour to maintain and repair your own bike. More specialist tools are on-hand if your job requires them.

We have four rentable workstand spaces, two of which are bookable in advance and two of which are available on a drop-in basis.

Wheel building at the Bike Kitchen…

We have four wheel trueing stands and our mechanics will be happy to help you with minor wheel repairs such as replacing a broken spoke, but please be aware that we are unable to offer wheel building support at the Bike Kitchen.

Building a wheel requires a skill level above what we currently cover in our complete maintenance classes. If, however, you already have experience of building wheels and are confident to use the trueing stands and dishing tools without mechanics’ support then we’re happy for you to attend.


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ReCycle Bikes
62-68 Thirlwell Road
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Opening Times:

Tuesday: 5pm - 8pm
Saturday: 1pm - 5pm